Things are now looking up on the farm, we have repaired all the rooms that were damaged or soiled in the flood, there is a fencing team in place to repair all the damaged fencing. We are also looking into the repair of the weir and all other damages.
9th February 2011
Fugard Festival Sing Song
During the festival we had the Waterfront theatre group staying with us at Ganora. The first night Alix and Stephan Japp who are regular guests at Ganora, started a sing along with the group and had us all in fits of laughter! This was really enjoyed by all...
22nd September 2010
In September a group of German journalists visited us, after doing our tours to the fossils and Bushmen paintings Hester took them to explore the village Nieu Bethesda. First they wondered around town going to the Art Centre and viewing the gallery there. They then ended with a tasting and talk on the locally made Beer and Cheese made at The 2 Goats Deli & Brewery.
8th September 2010
Punky interview
Punky (Henry Witbooi) who has been with us for the last two years, was interviewed for a documentary on his successes in life. He is now a guide to the Bushmen Rock Art paintings, He also guides a medicinal plant walk where guests enjoy his company and knowledge of the plants in the area. He is also Hester's right hand man on the farm when it comes to fixing things. The interview was about his determination to change his life around, and about the successes he has made since. He is a role model to all.
19th August 2010
NMMU visit
Gideon Rossouw, Piet Du Toit and Pierre visited us with their student group from NMMU, What a great group!. Some were even dared to jump into the icy water of our reservoir. It seemed like this group really had a great time.
8th August 2010
A trip on tubby
A group of locals went up Lootsberg with Tubby, what a lovely day trip. We left at 10 from Blauwater station with Charles Kingwill. After turning at the top we had a wonderfull picnic, allthough it was very cold. From up top we had in sight the beautifull views of the plains of the Camdeboo.
24th July 2010
USA students visit Ganora
USA Students visiting Ganora during the icy snowy weather of July. The group was organised by Piet Du Toit and Gideon Rossouw guided the tour. Between these two gentlemen they sure had an excellent experience on their Paleontology excursion.
12th July 2010
Three musketeers were released
The three Meerkats that were otherwise known as the three Musketeers were successfully released.
5th July 2010
Photography course at Ganora given by Pine Pienaar to the youngsters that the Fly Magazine chose to take part from various High schools in Port Elizabeth area.
2nd July 2010
Photographer - George Brits
Goerge Brits and his wife were at our farm, George took the most amazing pictures of a tortoise swimming in a river at Ganora. Really great to see what a good photographer like George Brits is prepared to do to get the best shot. George has kindly given us permission to use some of his photo's on our web pages. You will see which ones are his through out our web site as we have acknowledged them to him. (Thanks George).
10th May 2010

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When we visited South Africa, we met a little girl named Chippie. This very lovely squirrel was a true model for our camera. Unfortunately we heard that she died last February. 

For our guest woman Hester and her family from we made this Video 'In Memoriam of Chippie'.