Beautiful Renovated Home

It is In this tranquil area of Nieu Bethesda, where Athol Fugard was inspired to write the beautiful stories, poems and plays that has gone on to inspired so many from all over the world.

This two bedroom home has a large dining and lounge area with a cozy fireplace.  There are built in cupboards in the one bedroom, study and kitchen.

The large garden around this home gives it a peaceful atmosphere with many birds that come for the fruit trees.

One can enter the house directly from the garage. An Alarm system is installed and the windows and doors is burglar proof.



Main Bedroom with Oregon ceiling and doors.  Bedrooms has full floor carpets.

Second Bedroom has Built in Wardrobes

Second bedroom has Built in cupboards, carpet with orgegon ceiling and doors.

Dinning area with door leading to study.

Dining area with patio doors leading to back garden and a door leading to the study.

Dinning area towards lounge area with fireplace.  Door to right leads to the kitchen.

Dinning area towards the lounge area with fireplace.  Door to the right leads to the kitchen.



Windmill in garden

The back garden has a windmill and garden shed. It also has pear trees as well as grape vines.

The garage has a roll up door.