A very nice get away for a week-end on your farm. There is something very special about the Karoo farms that is very hard to explain to other people….You have to experience a Karoo farm atmosphere  first before you understand the whole thing first. Just one thing that really stands out for me is drinking the fresh cold running water from the rivers to understand the real taste and the freshness.. this you cannot buy….     

It was so  nice to see the farm that Uncle Gardner had many years ago and learn more about the history of the farm…

As I mentioned the last time I was on the farm was in 1971 when we came down on holiday to South Africa from Rhodesia. We spent our  Holiday with Auntie Helena and Uncle Sonny Cawood (my uncle and aunt)  on their farm and we went to visit Uncle Gardner and family for the day on their farm…

Thank-you again for everything the you did for us….

I can assure you that I will be recommending you great place to all my friends and maybe we will see you all again.


Thank-you again.

Neville & Fiona van Niekerk..