Nieu Bethesda Artists - Nieu Ceramics

Nieu Bethesda Artists - Ceramics

Charmaine Haines is prominently established in the South African ceramics scene. Her work forms part of numerous art collections and she has been selected to represent South Africa at international exhibitions. Working within the realm of figurative clay, Haines uses both abstract and stylised symbols and motives to embellish both her sculptural and utility forms. nieu_bethesdathingstoseeanddo_6.jpg

Nieu Bethesda Artists - Martin Haines

nieu_bethesdathingstoseeanddo_7.jpg Studio potter living in Nieu-Bethesda producing a range of handmade flatware i.e. plates and platters, also specializing in the production of tiles. He works mainly in the colours of blue and white inspired by traditional early European porcelain namely Delftware.

Nieu Bethesda - Frans Boekkooi Studio & Heidi's Gallery

Nieu Bethesda Artists - Sculptures

Frans Boekkooi's Sculpture Studio and Heidi's Gallery next to the brewery. Meet this acclaimed artist and see work by other Eastern Cape artists in the adjoining gallery. nieu_bethesdathingstoseeanddo_8.jpg



Nieu Bethesda - Bethesda Art Centre

Nieu Bethesda Artists - Art Centre

Art, music, dance, theatre... visit the gallery, see a class in progress, take part in a workshop, or catch a performance at the magical open-air theatre.

Tel: 049 841 1731

Nieu Bethesda - Woollen Craft & Felting

Local ladies making great felt balls and other art objects. 

Tel: 071 160 4040

Nieu Bethesda - The Crafters in front of the Owl House 

nieu_bethesdathingstoseeanddo_13.jpg When visiting the Owl House you will be able to visit all the creative crafters selling their goods in the front of the house.  From Freddie's wireworks to the replicas of the Owl House's Owls, mermaids, stars, etc. in various shapes and sizes made out of cement and glass. With their creativity the sky is the limit.