31st July 2017


Collection of Jars

A Few of the Jars at Ganora.

When Ethleen & Albert Lastovica visited Ganora with the Friends of the South African Museum recently to hunt for fossils, we got to know about their passion for antique bottles and jars, mostly over 100 years old.

The Lastovicas lived in Canada where they found bottles thrown away by the early farmers in Southern Ontario. They moved to Cape Town in 1972.

 In Cape Town their bottle collection has grown, and so has their collection of books on bottles, glass and pottery. In 1982 they wrote their own book: Bottles & Bygones: A Guide for South African Collectors (Don Nelson). Ethleen spent many years researching early ginger beer companies and their bottles, and wrote a book, Ginger Beer Bottles – A Guide for South African Collectors (Gaffer Press). Their oldest bottle, a 1695 wine bottle, was found in a river in the UK.

Gingerbeer jars

 Read more about this interesting couple in the attached article from the Garden and Home magazine, August 2014. The article includes information on the history of bottle making, pointers for aspiring collectors, and how to care for old bottles. (See button at bottom of this page)

Sullivan Gingerbeer

This Gingerbeer Bottle has got a portrait of Cicle John Rhodes (C.J.R.)

 At Ganora, Albert & Ethleen were intrigued by the brown pottery jar that was made by Globe Potteries in Pretoria. It was made some time between 1920 and the 1950s. They assume it was used for storage in the kitchen, most probably as a ‘Vetpot’. It is the dark brown jar on right in the photo on top of page.

 Stamp on brown jar.

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