4th April 2019

Bob McKenzie's Art Course 

We are so pleased to announce that Bob Mckenzie will be presenting another course at Ganora, Nieu-Bethesda. From 4 June 2019 for 4 days.  Beginners welcome. 

Bob started painting from a very young age. He produced his first painting at the age of 13 years. After many years of hard work and dedication he had a painting that was accepted in the "David Shepherd International Wildlife Artist of the year" exhibition in Londen. 

As Bob wanted to share his knowledge, he started hosting art workshops about 18 years ago.  He has held close to 200 workshops already.  We are honoured to host him at Ganora this June for the third time.   

He lives in Port Alfred where he has a wonderful studio and gallery where he displays his work.

Read: www.ganora.co.za/page/art too to see previous courses photo's.