1st January 2015

Five New Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails

In January, Soeren worked to mark five new trails for hiking and mountain biking on the farm. Over the span of his three month visit at Ganora he completed quite an impressive project whose scale reflects the amount of work he dedicated. In total, these trails encompass more than fifty kilometers of remarkable natural beauty. With clear markers indicating the route, the trails lead to a wide range of remarkable Karoo landscapes. One trail leads to a mountaintop with a spectaular panorama view of Compassberg, while a shorter route explores the undulating meadows where flocks of sheep graze beside rocky streambeds. Soeren also marked a trail running through the towering canyon on the farm that leads to Nieu Bethesda. Thank you to Soeren for all his hard work.

To see a map and short description of each trail, please follow these links:



Soeren and JP prepare the trails

Soeren and JP pack the trail markers to be laid out on the farm.