18th August 2014

Thanks to Trine who came to work with Helen, an injured Spotted Eagle-Owl, a few months ago, Helen is out of her cage!  Look at the page Trine wrote about Helen's progress during Trine's time at Ganora: www.ganora.co.za/page/helen_the_owls_progress.

We first did a test run to see how Helen would react being on her own out of the cage.  Although at first she only wanted to stay near her cage and went in when feeling threatened, we found that she is very comfortable roaming around our garden and outbuildings now.  She loves playing hide and seek with us when she notices we are looking for her to either show her to the guests or to feed her.  Here are a few photos of her in the garden.

Feeding Helen in the garden.

Helen always loves food !

Sitting in the sun  Sometimes hiding

         Sometimes sitting in the sun when it's cold.                                                  Sometimes hiding in the shadows.

 Peeping with the other eye.   hiding

You might not see me when I only peep with one eye at a time !

Jonker feeding Helen

Jonker feeding Helen last night.

Is there any food on its way?

We are glad to report that Helen seems to be very happy and we often find her near the sheds at night where we like to think she is catching some mice on her own!  She has had a visit from other owls, as we've heard them calling each other.  Although she might never be able to fly again, we do hope she can make some friends in the area.