1st August 2016

Today with a very sad feeling, I had to take off the course content of

Pine's workshops he use to give here at Ganora.

Many of you that have attended his courses on the farm and in PE will

remember him for his suttle way of letting every body feel so special.



We will remember him for so many things.

When looking at the stars from now on I will always remember the good times with him.

 Specially for his unbelievable knowledge of the stars and 

the astronomy lecturers he gave us in the evenings during his course.

He wanted us to realise how big the universe is and how small we are in

comparison. He just loved astronomy.

Night light photography

We will all remember how we use to freeze doing the night light photography sessions

at night when it just did not seem to bother him at all !

Specially when he still could go on for another hour or two talking about the stars!

Patiently waiting

I will remember how patient he was when lecturing the students. After a course with

Pine you just had to love photography!  One could always see and feel

how much he loved it.

Pine in bush

He made the students who arrived as strangers all leave as friends.

Above all we will miss his dry sense of humor.

The world is poorer today!

Pine modeling for students