8th September 2014



Michael Aguas and Nicholas Tuttle were inspired to utilize their passion, schooling, and expertise to change the lives of kids all over the globe. They founded their own nonprofit, Swings for Dreams, with the intention of designing and constructing safe outdoor play spaces for children living in destitute regions all over the world.

Start of Project

This was the start of the project.  A bare piece of land in the School yard with little piles of ground which the team carefully planned.

Both Michael and Nicholas are passionate landscape architects who just finished their studies from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Since their return, after a visit to SA, they have put together an outstanding team.

Their mission is: To improve the lives of children in Third world and developing countries through the design and construction of safe, sustainable and culturally sensitive play spaces. 

They came with volunteers to help them create this amazing playground in a short space of time. Even though they faced many hurdles when getting the material etc. on site, they worked together as a team and produced this piece of beauty at Lettie de Klerk Primary School in Nieu-Bethesda for the children.  We were very lucky to have been able to accommodate them at Ganora. This way we could feel part of it in a small way. The most fun for me was being able to help paint the dinosaurs!

View the photo's of how they all carefully planned, created and transformed the school yard. The dinosaurs were cut and painted at Ganora's yard before transporting them to Nieu-Bethesda. 

They also made picnic benches for the children to sit at and a stage. The playground has a shaded area for the hot summer months now too.  I am so proud of what this group of youngsters achieved !!

Paige designing her beautiful Dino's and Justin cutting them out carefully.

Paige the Dino artist    Justin cutting out the dinosaurs 

       Olie trying to figure out if she can trust them!                      While the team started painting.

Olie sniffing the dino's   All hard at work

Tessa and Kelsey hard at work making the Dino's as colourful as possible.

Tessa hard at work   Painting

Justin and Paige having fun in the sun! Even the weather played along.

Justin doing a master piece   Paige starting the paint process

     Rudolph & Max helped with the transport process.                Doggie & Punky helping at the stage.

Dinosaurs traveling   Punky & Doggie help building the stage.

Tes and Kelsey planting at the slide area while David, Rudolph and Jackson put the swings up.

Slide  Swings going up

                 Plants being planted in the central area.                                  Ellie testing the see-saw.

Plants   Ellie trying the see saw out.

Nic and Ellie with some of the other volunteers getting the Dinosaurus area ready.

Dino area

David was in control of the woodwork area and did a splendid job of it. They added a stage with a shaded areas as well as a few picnic benches. 

Stage & Benches

Benches at shade area

Benches and shade area's been buildt