Bubbles the Water Mongoose

Bubbles, the newest member of the Ganora animal family, was found south of Graaff-Reniet by a family when she was a baby. She came to Ganora in December and was bottlefed in preparation to rehabilitate her. Now that she is six months old, Bubbles is ready for the next phase of her rehabilitation. She now eats eggs, which she breaks open by throwing the egg backwards against a rock in typical mongoose fashion. In order for her to learn how to hunt by herself, Bubbles also takes short trips to the river at Ganora to explore the riverbank and search for frogs and other potential prey.

Bubbles blends in with the rocks at the river

From the picture above, Bubbles clearly is well-suited to the rocky environment of the river. She camouflages very well in her natural habitat.

Bottle Feeding  Soeren feeding Bubbles

This picture shows an early step in Bubbles's rehabilitation in which she was fed by a bottle. Now that she no longer uses the bottle, she must learn to hunt for herself and not rely on humans for food. Soeren spent most of her bottle drinking time here at Ganora to help feed her.

Bubbels is bigger now and can fend for herself.  She does however like to come back and visit from time to time. Of course the guests get a big fright when she makes her grand entrance! But we try to remember to warn them that she might make an apperance and that they do not need to worry.

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