All rooms have tea and coffee facilities. They are all 3 star graded and AA Highly Recommended    

Kamer1-4 sonsondergang


Room 1
Originally this room was a sheep kraal but later renovated to become a single workers' housing until about 1930. Constructed with packed mud and stone it has now been renovated for your comfort. This room has a queen size bed and an open plan unique round shower. The ceilings are of Agava poles.

Room 1

Room 1


Room 2
Like room 1, it was also originally built as a sheep "kraal" and later renovated for a single labourer's housing. It is now a very comfortable, charming room with two single beds and an en-suite bathroom.
Room2         Room 2 


Room 3

This room was added on when the others were renovated and is built next to the uneven wall of the "kraal".  It is an ensuite twin room.

  Room 3         Room 3


Room 4 
There is a choice of two single beds or one king size bed in Room 4. The bathroom has the largest shower in the Kraal units.

  Room 4

Room 4

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