Pine Pienaar

Pine lectured photography at the Port Elizabeth Technikon’s School of Art and Design (currently the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) for over 20 years.

During his final years of lecturing at the university Pine formally studied astronomical photography. In this capacity he worked at the Boyden Observatory photographing deep space objects such as galaxies, nebulae and globular clusters.

Pine’s interests are wide ranging and include modern art, Greek mythology, astro physics, paleontology and geography. As a young man he traveled the southern regions of Africa extensively using Mozambique as a base. He is equally at home in a tent in the African bush, or in a street café in a Spanish village. He enjoys Mediterranean culture and cuisine. He is fascinated by the exotic, easily bored by the mundane, and has been called an incurable romantic. To do a course with Pine go to "Courses" in the Main menu.

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Brain Salzmann


Started taking photographs in the early 70's and mainly concentrated on Grand Prix F1 cars (have got piles of photographs of all the 70's gp drivers). Current interest is still F1 GP cars, and he has a current portfolio of all the drivers and cars (2010) which he took at the Barcelona track during testing this year.

Brain and Sharon are based in France now, and his main photographic interest during the course of this year, is taking "Fine Art" photographs of the beautiful French countryside, historic cities, people, and interesting sites along the Canal du Midi and the Canal Lateral a la Garonne.

This will include video footage using Sony Video in HD and stills using a Canon D500 with standard lens, wide angle lens, and also Canon 100-400 zoom lens.

Nadine Shortland

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Sonja Burger

A Freelance Writer from Paarl

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