26 Feb 2012 Timon arrived with us to be rehabilitated yesterday after been found at a bin. As it has been a while since we have had  a little meerkat to rehab we are all very keen on helping him on his way back to the veld.  

He obviously has been an illegal pet meerkat.  He must be use to cats as poor Snowy and Lulu has to run!!  We will try and get him to accept them too during his stay. It is obvious to us that he must have been fed babyfood etc which makes the rehab process longer.  But he is responding very well to his new enviroment.   


28 Feb 2012  As we need to work with Timon to get him rehabilitated as quickly as we can, we were very pleased to see the peace in paradise starting. We spotted that Lulu was starting to except the new Meerkat Timon last night. At first Timon did not like our house animals. Poor Snowy is still getting a hard time from Timon. Hopefully they will also start making friends soon.

15 March 2012 Timon and Snowy has become best friends.  Snowy allows him to sleep near him when it is cold.

Snowy and Timon

9 May 2012 Timon got two new friends that joined him at Ganora.  Wollie and kKeintjie arrived today.  Snowy so badly wanted to become their best friend, but they were a bit wery of all this attention! Timone just loved the companionship and immediately became the leader and showing them to look out for the big birds!

Snowy and new babies


Timon with new babies

8 September 2012 The winter is over and Timon and friends have been released into the wild safely.  They joined up with a bigger group.

15 November 2012. We spot them from time to time in the veld. So happy it is going so well with them.

26 December 2012  Saw four groups on different area's of the farm in the last two days.

17.10.2013  JP saw a big group of meerkats today. About 25 and some stood to look at what he was up to so that must be some of the rehabbed one's.  Lots of babies ! Such a pity I could not see them too!

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When we visited South Africa, we met a little girl named Chippie. This very lovely squirrel was a true model for our camera. Unfortunately we heard that she died last February. 

For our guest woman Hester and her family from Ganora.co.za we made this Video 'In Memoriam of Chippie'.