There are animals other than birds on the farm that are not so easily found but can be with a bit of luck or skill. Dassies, or hyraxes, rest on the ridges above the farm and along the road leading into the accommodation, and there is a family of ground squirrels in the field beside the (future) campsite. At night, kangaroo-like springhares as well as normal hares hop about in the fields and regularly visit the yard. The dams, a short distance away, sometimes have otters hunting in them during the day – for freshwater crabs, in the summer - and the surrounding veld is home to tortoises.


The Gatsrivier canyon hike is likely to yield something if you look around carefully. The last sheep field before reaching the canyon itself is a good place to look as a pair of steenbok, another family of ground squirrels and tiny elephant shrews have taken up residence there. It is also thought that Bubbles, our rehabilitated mongoose, may be living here. The canyon contains klipspringer and baboons, and our nomadic family of meerkats will sometimes settle here.

The aardvark is also known to live around the farm, and although it is difficult to see one there are plenty of termite mounds in the veld that bear their destructive mark. Generally they only come out when it’s pitch black and move around a huge area, though we did once have a memorable day when one was spotted in the fields in broad daylight!

Aardvark during the daytime photo

For larger game, you are better off visiting nearby Camdeboo and Mountain Zebra National Park - at MZNP you can even track cheetah with a ranger on foot! However, we do get kudu passing through on occasion and we have a small herd of black wildebeest and springbok in the hills along trail no. 4.

Black wildebeest graze with our sheep

One of our springboks


Searching for the farm’s wildlife on foot is perfectly safe; no signs of big cats have ever been found and the only signs of elephant or buffalo exist in our bushman rock paintings. Unlike the ones in Cape Town, our baboons will keep their distance and cause you no harm at all. Snakes are not easy to come across even if you are looking for them, and it’s almost impossible in the winter, but if you do find one please keep your distance as venomous species are present.

Finally, you are extremely unlikely to spot lynx (caracal) or jackals, but if you do please let us know as these can be a problem for our sheep!

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