Surrounded by mountains in the heart of the Great Karoo, Middelburg is unique, yet similar to the average Karoo town.

The area is recognised for its herbal plant life that grows naturally in the fields, and is also one of the few, and best, places in the world where fossil life has been discovered as well as San Rock Art in caves from the first known human inhabitants, the San Bushmen.

Scenic beauty is the town’s main asset, with Open Spaces, Karoo Sunsets, Star Gazing, Fresh Air and Snow-capped Mountains during the winter months.

Grootfontein Argicultural College is just outside of the Middelburg. Although the college is mostly for full courses of a few years, much research is done here. It also draws many people who would like to do the short courses they offer from time to time. They have their own museum which is worth a visit.