The first Bushman paintings were discovered 6 months after arriving at Ganora in 1996 by our sons, Louis and Renier. With Anthropology and Paleontology being are our interests, they have been brought up with a keen interest in history in general. They discovered the first two caves at the ages of 6 and 8 years. With the excitement of the first discoveries they often set off to try and discover more, which they did successfully, sometimes on their own and sometimes along with us. We now have 5 shelters with paintings and many more without paintings but with evidence that the caves were inhabited as there are still old Bushman tools found there.

Wits university came to register them all. We were visited by a few of their team who took all the nessesary photos and information they needed to register the shelters and paintings.

We will guide you to one of the shelters that is an easy walk for all ages. Here we will tell you all about the rock art while pointing them out to you as well as a little of their culture and beliefs. Included in the ½ - ¾ hour tour we will show you the engravings made by the young farmer's son that hid in the shelter for 3 months during the Anglo Boer War. The Bushman engravings can be viewed when on the fossil walk.

Henry explaining to some of our guests all about the Bushman Rock Art.

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